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Weight Loss Program with the Zerona Laser

Blood Lab Panels

Nutritional Supplements

(ordered via a portal and shipped directly to you)

TBI, Concussion,

Vestibular Disorders, Neurodegenerative

are some of what we offer


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Cutting edge researched methodology offered here in Chandler, AZ!

  • Zerona Laser

  • Red, Violet,

  • Ist with GREEN

  • Laser Therapy

  • OxygenTraining

  • Vibrant Lab Testing

  • Weight Loss

  • Spinal Decompression

After an extended Holiday with family and loved ones the doctors are ready to help you and yours...

Dr. Berry is in his 13th year of Integrative Functional Neurology Practice.

Dr. Crifasi is enjoying Arizona and covers the practice in Dr. Berry's absence.

Both Doctors are highly skilled well versed practitioners who present and love to engage in our community through lectures and education.

We co-manage with medical professionals and share the researched benefits of Functional Neurological and Metabolic therapies including but not exclusive of:

Concussion, Vestibulopathy, POTS, Metabolic Fatigue, Neurodegenerative/Developmental disorders, Post Stroke, TBI

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